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Adding transactions for a client

You can add transactions to the client’s tax ledger on the Tax Manager Transactions view.

If you need to add a transaction to your client’s ledger that matches an IRD transaction, you can add it on the Reconciliation view. See Adding a transaction that matches an IRD transaction.

To add a transaction on the Transaction view
  1. Open Tax Manager Transactions view for the relevant client. See Viewing a client's tax ledger transactions.
  2. If you want to enter transactions for a different year, click on the year to open a drop-down list, and select the required year.
  3. Select the Tax Type for the transaction you are adding.

  4. On the TASKS bar, go to Transactions > Add item. The Add Item window appears and the Date defaults to the current date.

  5. If required, enter a new date.

  6. From the drop-down list, select the payment Type. The available payment types will vary based on the transaction type.

  7. Enter the Amount of the transaction. The amount entered will be stored automatically as a Dr or Cr based on the transaction type you selected as defined in the following table:

  8. If you are entering a Transfer:

    • enter a positive amount to transfer from this account, or

    • enter a negative amount to transfer to this account.

  9. If you are entering a Transfer, the Transfer Details fields are activated and Post reciprocal entry is selected.

  10. If the other client involved in the transfer is a tax client defined in your database:

    1. Click the magnifying glass to open the Find Client window.

    2. Search for and select the relevant client.

    3. Click OK.

    4. Select the appropriate Tax Year.

    5. Select the appropriate Tax Type.

  11. If the other client involved in the transfer is not a tax client in your database, clear the Post reciprocal entry checkbox.

  12. Select the Status of 0.

  13. If required, enter a Comment. You can enter any text up to a limit of 1000 characters.

  14. Click OK. The transaction is saved and added, and the window closes.

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