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Approving a Tax Notice

When you have reviewed the tax notice and are ready to send it, you need to approve it before you print it and send it to the client.

Once a tax notice has been approved, the:

  • tax notice status will be updated to Approved

  • appropriate transactions will be saved in Tax Manager and shown in the Transactions view

  • employee approving the tax notice will be recorded and displayed against the tax notice

  • tax notice details can be viewed and not edited without changing the status back to In progress

  • tax notice will print without the draft watermark.

You can only approve tax notices with a status of Draft, In progress or Follow up. If you select a tax notice with a different status, you will see and error message, and they will not be approved.

To approve the tax notice
  1. Go to the Tax notice details view and, on the TASKS bar, click Approve. A confirmation message appears.
  2. Click Yes. The tax notice status is updated to Approved.

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