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Deferring transactions

You can defer IRD transactions on the Tax Manager IRD statement view or Reconciliation view.

You can defer IRD transactions for a week, a month or indefinitely. Deferred transactions will not be included in your reporting.

Transactions that are deferred until a specified date, will be undeferred automatically on that date. Transactions that are deferred indefinitely will remain deferred until you manually undefer them.

You cannot defer transactions that have been reconciled.

(AO) This is the equivalent of 'Ignore' in AO Classic Account Lookup.

To defer a transaction
  1. Open Tax Manager IRD statement view or Reconciliation view for the relevant client. See Viewing the IRD transactions for a client or Viewing the reconciliation of transactions for a client.
  2. Either:

    • select the transaction you want to defer, or

    • select multiple transactions by selecting the checkbox for each transaction you're selecting.

  3. To defer the selected transactions, click Defer 1 week, Defer 1 month, or Defer indefinitely. The date the transaction is deferred to is calculated from the time you click the Defer action, and the date that the transactions are deferred to is displayed in the Deferred column.  
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