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Viewing and resolving alerts

The Alerts page provides a list of all clients that have alerts. It displays clients in present, past, and future years. If a client has more than one alert (either in the same year or different years), the client will be shown multiple times, with each row showing one alert.

To identify all clients with active alerts, you can use the Alerts page. See Viewing alerts that apply to clients.

The information displayed in this view includes:

  • Agency
  • Client Code (clicking this link displays the Client tax tab)
  • Return Name (clicking this link displays the return for the client)
  • IRD Number (clicking this link displays the Summary view)
  • Year
  • Return Type
  • Balance Month
  • Partner
  • Manager
  • Contact Type
  • Status
  • Ratio method.

These columns can be shown or hidden by using the Field Chooser.

Opening the alerts page

You can open the Alerts page by expanding the drop-down menu on the Tax button in the toolbar, and selecting Alerts.

It may take several seconds for the grid to populate with alerts. You may see a progress bar while the alerts are being compiled.

The default columns shown are Client Code, Return Name, IRD Number, Year, Tax Type, and Alert Type. Any changes to the order or display of the columns will be saved.

For details about investigating and resolving alerts, see Common alerts and solutions.

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