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Viewing the downloaded IRD transactions

Accountants Enterprise only

The IRD transactions downloaded can be viewed using the IRD Data page. By default, IRD transactions that cannot be automatically reconciled with Tax Manager transactions are listed. This allows you to reconcile the transactions manually.

You can also choose to:

  • list all the IRD transactions downloaded on a particular day. This includes transactions from a scheduled download or when a client refresh is performed.

  • list all the transactions you have deferred.

You can defer transactions for a defined period of time, for example, a week, after which they will be automatically undeferred and reappear in your lists. See Deferring transactions.

To view unreconciled IRD transactions
  1. From the Tax icon drop-down list, select IRD Data. The IRD Data page appears listing any clients that have unreconciled transactions and displays the financial years and tax types.

  2. To view all the IRD transactions in a particular download:

    1. Select IRD Data from the Tax icon drop-down list. The IRD Data page opens listing unreconciled transactions.

    2. Click Batch Review. The Batch review view appears.

    3. Select the Import Date.

    4. Press Enter on your keyboard. The transactions downloaded from the IRD on the selected date are loaded.

  3. To view deferred transactions:

    1. From the Tax icon drop-down list, select IRD Data. The IRD Data page appears listing unreconciled transactions.

    2. Click Deferred. The Deferred view appears listing any transactions you've deferred.

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