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Workstation connection issues

Tax Manager Service is a Windows Service Application running on the server that your MYOB AE/AO application is installed on. If MYOB AE/AO is unable to access the Tax Manager Service, you won’t be able to use Tax Manager.

When MYOB AE/AO is unable to access the Tax Manager Service, the following error message is displayed:

The MYOB Tax Manager Service is not running or cannot be accessed. Ensure the Tax Manager Service is running on the computer where your AO database is installed. If the service is running and you are receiving this message, there may be an issue with your connection. Click Help to access the connection troubleshooting guide.

Tax Manager Service troubleshooting guide

There are a number of possible issues that may prevent MYOB AE/AO from accessing the Tax Manager Service. Some common issues and fixes are listed below.

Tax Manager Service is not running

To use Tax Manager and certain MYOB functions, the Tax Manager Service must be running. To check the status of the service:

  1. Log on to the server using a login with administrator rights.

  2. Right-click on the Windows taskbar and click Start Task Manager or Task Manager. The Windows Task Manager appears.

  3. Select the Services tab.

  4. Check the status of MYOB Tax Manager Service. The status should show Running. If the status shows Stopped, this will cause the error message on the workstation.

  5. To fix a Stopped status, right click on the MYOB Tax Manager Service. and select Start. The Tax Manager Service will start and the status will be updated to show Running and this should resolve the error on the workstation.

Workstation user login credentials are not recognised on the server

In a Workgroup security environment, Windows security doesn't work across machines when local user accounts. That is, accounts stored locally on each computer, are used.

For MYOB AE/AO to connect to the Tax Manager service, a user account with the same account name must be defined on the workstation and the server.

If the user account names and passwords do not match, the error message will be displayed on the workstation when MYOB AE/AO attempts to access the Tax Manager Service.

To resolve this issue

Ensure the same user account is defined on the workstation and the server. The user account password must be the same on both machines, and the password must not be blank. You can set up and manage user accounts using the User Accounts control panel. 

If the password is changed on the workstation, it must also be changed on the server.

Incorrect share permissions on the program folder

If the user account doesn't have the correct permissions for the AE/AO SQL program folder, MYOB AE/AO will not be able to access the files it needs. This will cause an error message on the workstation.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and, where servername is the name of the server or computer on which you installed MYOB AE/AO, go to:
    \\servername\MYOBAE or \\servername\MYOBAO

  2. Right-click on the AE/AO SQL program folder and select Properties.

  3. Click the Security tab.

  4. In the Group or user names section, select the username or the group that the user belongs to.

    1. If the user doesn't exist, to add the user with the correct permissions, log in as administrator and click Edit and click the Add button.

  5. Review the Permissions for Users, and ensure the user has all the options in the Allow column ticked.

    1. If the user doesn't have full permissions, login as administrator and click Edit and select all the checkboxes in the Allow column to update the permissions.

  6. If your connection issues cannot be resolved with any of these fixes, contact MYOB Customer Care and Support for assistance. Refer to Technical support for details.

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