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IR3 Question 9 Adjustments to your income

If you have a student loan or you are eligible for Working for Families Tax Credits (WfFTC), you may be required to include adjustments to your income. This is so that Inland Revenue can correctly assess your student loan repayment obligation and ensure you receive your correct WfFTC entitlement.

To notify Inland Revenue about your income adjustments you can:

  • tick 9A on your IR3 and complete an Adjust your income (IR215) form and attach it to your income tax return, or

  • log in to your myIR secure online services account and complete it there, or

  • call IRD on 0800 227 774 and tell Inland Revenue what your adjustments are.

If you don’t have an IR215 form you can:

  • download it from the Inland Revenue website, or

  • call IRD on 0800 257 773.


What do I need to do receive my entitlement?

If you haven’t already registered for Wf FTC and you qualify, go to the Inland Revenue website (search keywords: working for families) and register online.

When Inland Revenue has received the registration form they’ll send you a letter with all your family details for you to check. Please correct and return it to us if the details are incorrect.

If you’ve already registered for WfFTC and you need to file an IR3, Inland Revenue will send you a letter by the beginning of May with all your family details on it. Please check this information and return the form with your IR3 if the details are incorrect.



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