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Adding asset years

You can have multiple years open at the same time. There is no roll-forward process.

If you're working with multiple asset years and make a change to an earlier year, the changes automatically flow through to subsequent years.

For example, you've finalised your client's asset register and are drafting management accounts for the year 2016. Your client calls and tells you that they've forgotten to tell you about the new laptop they purchased in the 2015 financial year. Because of the multi-year functionality, you can easily open the 2015 financial year and add the laptop purchase. If you then open the 2016 register, you see that the laptop is there with the correct opening written-down value.

To add an asset year
  1. Open the Client Accounting > Assets tab for your client. See Accessing an asset register.
  2. On the TASKS bar, click Add year.
  3. From the Add Year window, enter the financial year in the Year end field and click Add.

    This field cannot be left blank and must contain a maximum of 4 digits.

    The Start date and End date is automatically generated when the year is entered. This date is based on:

    Integration statusPeriod start and end
    Integrated with the general ledger

    The period start and end dates of the general ledger. The Year end value is pre-filled from the configured ledger.

    Not integrated with the general ledger

    The first day of the Start month selected in Financial year details defined in the Register Settings window.

    The last day of the End month selected in the Financial year details defined in the Register Settings window.

Adding successive asset years

When adding successive asset years, you effectively roll forward the asset register from the current year to the following year.

To add a successive asset year, you must ensure that the first asset year has been created.

To add successive asset years
  1. Open the client’s Client Accounting > Assets tab. See Accessing an asset register. The Asset Register is displayed.
  2. Click Add year on the Tasks bar.
    The next successive year is automatically created and displayed in the Select year table of the Asset Register.

    All the contents of the previous year are included in the next successive year that is created.
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