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Configuration in AE/AO after the New Essentials upgrade

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In MYOB AE/AO, if you've configured an MYOB Essentials (old) ledger in Client Accounting, you might have received an email or in-product message that we'll be upgrading the file to MYOB Essentials (new) ledger soon.

After we've upgraded the file, the new Essentials file will be automatically configured into AE/AO. But there are some situations where the automatic configuration may not happen.

If MYOB Essentials (new) is configured in AE/AO
  1. Log in to AE/AO using the practice login details.
  2. Open the client whose ledger you've upgraded.
  3. Click the Client Accounting tab.
  4. You'll see the following 3 messages if the upgraded file has been reconfigured correctly :
    1. Balance Forward Accounts have been copied from Old Essentials.
    2. Your Client's custom account group mappings have been linked with the new ledger configuration. Review your account group mappings before generating reports.
    3. We've migrated your client's Essentials ledger and have updated your configuration settings. Open the workpaper/Trial balance and select Refresh ledger balances.
  5. On the right side under the Configured Ledger details, the Ledger type will show MYOB Essentials (new).

To give access to users for a new Essentials file, see To give a staff member access to a new-version MYOB Essentials file

If the configuration fails

If MYOB Essentials (new) is not configured in AE/AO

If the New essentials file configuration has failed, you'll see the following:

  1. Log in to AE/AO.
  2. Go to the client you've upgraded the file for and click Client Accounting.
  3. You'll see the message:
    We've migrated your client's Essentials ledger. Go to Edit Configuration Settings to setup the new ledger and refresh ledger balances

  4. As shown on the window, go to the Tasks bar on the left and select Edit Configuration. The Client Configuration window opens.
  5. In the Product field, select AccountRight/MYOB Essentials (new).
  6. In the File path field, select the New essentials file and complete the rest of the details.
  7. If you don't have the right access to the New Essentials ledger, you'll see the following window:
  8. Click Request File User access.
  9. The balance forward accounts and the custom account groups will not roll forward. You'll need to configure them manually.
To fix the configuration

To fix the automatic configuration, and for the balance forward accounts and the custom account groups to roll forward, check the following:

  1. Log in to AE/AO as the user who has been invited to the upgraded Essentials (new) file.
  2. Check the status of your internet connection, if there was no internet during the configuration, it will fail.

If you've tried the above and the configuration still fails, contact support.

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