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Configuring an AccountRight Classic (version 19 or earlier)

If your client uses an AccountRight file for their business, you can use that same file with Client Accounting.

When configuring a ledger, Client Accounting reads the data in the ledger and displays it in the Workpaper (Trial Balance) period. You then use the tools in the Workpaper or Trial Balance period to add journals and attach any supporting documents to the accounts.

Before you begin, you'll need...

  • the username and password of an Administrator user in AccountRight 
  • logged into AE/AO with your MYOB login
  • have specified your AccountRight Classic product locations.
  • AccountRight installed on your computer. The version of AccountRight installed must be the same version as your client's (For example, if your client uses v19.13, you'll need to have v19.13 installed).

To configure an AccountRight Classic (v19 or earlier) company file
  1. Go to the client's Client Accounting > Trial Balance/Workpapers) tab.

  2. On the Tasks bar, click Edit Configuration Details.

  3. From the Product drop-down, select AccountRight 19 or earlier.

  4. Click the File Location ellipsis

    and navigate to the location of the AccountRight v19 or earlier file.

  5. Select the AccountRight (.myo) file and click Open.

    The File location, Entity type and Industry type fields are automatically populated.

    Statutory Reporter uses the Entity type and Industry type fields to smart-allocate accounts to groups. You can change the fields if you need to.
  6. Enter the User name and Password of an Administrator to the client’s file.

  7. Select a Prior Year Balances option.

    Prior year balancesDescription
    Use ledger balancesPrior year balances are received from the common ledger. Select this option if the prior year closing balances in your client's ledger are correct or if you want to post adjustment journals to your client's ledger to align their balances with yours.
    Use modified balancesPrior year balances will come from the balances you enter in the Modify Prior year balances window. If you need to correct your client's opening balances but you don't want to post journals into their ledger, use this option to display the right balances when you produce your Client Accounting reports.
  8. Click OK. The balances are retrieved from the configured AccountRight file and displayed in the Trial Balance (Workpaper) period.


I can't see my company file. How do I fix this?

Make sure there's no special characters such as !@#$%&*()\,/ in the file name and that the extension of the file is .MYO.

For example, if your file name is "Smith FT T/A Dairyfield Farms", remove the ' / ' from the file name.

How do I fix the error "could not find the correct version of AccountRight..."

Make sure the location of the AccountRight v19 program has been entered into the AccountRight Classic product location in your Client Accounting Settings.

  1. Log into AE/AO as an Administrator and follow the menu Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Client Accounting > Client Accounting Settings.

  2. For each product version to be used:

    1. Click the ellipsis (

      the ellipses button
      ) button.

    2. Navigate to the installed location of AccountRight and select either the myob.exe or myobp.exe file.

    3. Click Open. The location of the myob.exe or myobp.exe file appears in the relevant field.

  3. When you're finished, click OK to save the changes and try configuring again. You may need to close out of AE/AO and reopen for the changes to apply.
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