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Configuring a ledger

Client Accounting works over either your practice ledger, or your client's MYOB company file.

When "configuring a financial data source", you'll be "linking" your practice or client ledger to work with Client Accounting. This allows the system to read and import your ledger data into the Trial Balance or Workpaper period for you to work on.

If you haven't configured a ledger in Client Accounting, you can do so from your client's Client Accounting > Trial Balance (or Workpapers) tab. Click Edit Configuration Details on the Tasks bar or the Configure a financial data source hyperlink to get started.

You can configure the following MYOB products with Client Accounting:

Each type of ledger comes with its own features and benefits. Before you enter any data, make sure the ledger you configure is right for your client's needs.

Choose the wrong file?

Click Remove Configuration Details on the Tasks bar of the Trial Balance (or Workpapers) tab. This removes the link to the data source so you can start the process again. This feature only appears where a ledger is configured for the client.

Click Help me choose in the Client Configuration window and tell us about your client's reporting requirements. We'll recommend the best ledger to use for your client.

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