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Configuring an Essentials (pre March 2020) ledger

If your client uses an MYOB Essentials file for their business, you can use that same file with Client Accounting.

When configuring a ledger, Client Accounting reads the data in the ledger and displays it in the Workpaper (Trial Balance) period. You then use the tools in the Workpaper or Trial Balance period to add journals and attach any supporting documents to the accounts.

Client Accounting works with the following MYOB Essentials products:

  • Essentials Accounting (including Essentials Accounting Starter and Essentials Accounting with Payroll) created prior to March 2020.
  • Essentials Connected Ledger created prior to March 2020.
  • Essentials Cashbook
  • MYOB Ledger

Before you begin...

To configure an MYOB Essentials (pre march 2020) file with Client Accounting, make sure:

  • your practice MYOB login has been invited to the Essentials file as an Creating users user.
  • you're logged into AE/AO with your MYOB login.
To configure an Essentials ledger (pre March 2020)
  1. Go to the client's Client Accounting > Trial Balance/Workpapers tab.

  2. On the Tasks bar, click Edit Configuration Details.

  3. From the Product drop-down, select Essentials (pre March 2020)

  4. Click the File Location ellipsis (

    ) button and in the Select Company File window, select a ledger to configure.
    The products shown in the Essentials ledger listing include Connected Ledger, Accounting Starter, Essentials Accounting, Essentials Accounting with Payroll and MYOB (AE/AO) Ledger.

  5. Click Select file. The file name appears in the File location field of the Client Configuration screen.

  6. Click the Entity type drop-down menu and choose the correct entity type for your client

  7. Click the Chart type drop-down menu and choose the Chart of Accounts used in the ledger. This is the style or 'format' of your account codes.

    Statutory Reporter uses the Entity type and Chart type fields to smart-allocate accounts to groups.

  8. Select a Prior Year Balances option.

    Prior year balancesDescription
    Use ledger balancesPrior year balances are received from the common ledger. Select this option if the prior year closing balances in your client's ledger are correct or if you want to post adjustment journals to your client's ledger to align their balances with yours.
    Use modified balancesPrior year balances will come from the balances you enter in the Modify Prior year balances window. If you need to correct your client's opening balances but you don't want to post journals into their ledger, use this option to display the right balances when you produce your Client Accounting reports.
  9. Click OK. The balances are retrieved from the configured ledger and displayed in the Trial Balance (Workpaper) period.


I can't see my company file. How do I fix this?

Make sure your practice's MYOB login has been invited to the Essentials file as an Creating usersuser.

If you're looking for an MYOB Ledger or cashbook, make sure the file is not inactive in the cashbook website.

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