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Configuring department settings

Department settings let you report on different profit or cost centres within the same organisation. This is useful in situations where combined figures aren’t appropriate – for example, if an entity:

  • owns several rental properties, and wants to show income and expenses for each one separately

  • operates more than one branch, and wants to report on the performance of each one separately.

  • has more than one type of business.

Statutory Reporter uses the prefixes and suffixes on each account code to determine which account transactions belong to a department and which department the receipt or payment belongs to.

Before you can configure department settings for your ledger, you need to work out whether the account codes use prefixes (leading digits) or suffixes (trailing digits) to indicate departments.

We recommend setting up the Chart of Accounts in a similar format to what's in each article. This will ensure your departments display correctly in Statutory Reporter.

To view the recommended setup for your ledger and chart type, refer to the following knowledge base articles:

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