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Defining the top margin of the Compilation Report

The three heading styles of the Compilation Report can be modified to add more space for additional content, such as a company letterhead. Changes can be made to these Compilation Report properties without affecting other reports.

To update the top margin of the Compilation report
  1. Create or modify a Practice Style set. See Customising your practice styles.

  2. In the style set, select either Page Header Compilation report 01, Page Header Compilation report 02, or Page Header Compilation report 03.
    These control the style of three page header lines at the top of the Compilation Report, and can be modified without affecting any other report.

  3. Increase the space of the margin by entering a value in the Space Before (units) property.

    1 unit is equal to 0.25mm.

  4. Click OK to save your changes.
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