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Report options

Report Options is used to control the report style and page layout. Default report options can be set for all clients within the practice and custom report options can be specified for selected clients.

Report options enable configuration of:

  • Style Options — modify how the headers, footers and balances are displayed in the report. Statutory Reporter has a number of pre-configured styles for selection.

  • Display Options — control whether the report includes a cover page, a table of contents, page numbers, a company logo, watermarks and other details.

  • Page Margins configure the page layout by setting the top, bottom, left and right margins.

You can set default report options for all clients in your practice. For example, you may wish to include your company logo on the cover page.

You can also set options for specific clients. For example, you may want to print reports with a draft watermark to send to your client for discussions.

Style options

Fonts and sizes

Display options

Options to display cover page, page numbers, rounded balances, watermarks, logos, table of contents, account codes or display one column header.

Page marginsDepending on your printer, you may need to change the margins so that the report fits correctly and that it looks good.

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