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Editing adjustment journals

View a list of adjustment journals and select an adjustment journal for editing. The journal date, note and amounts can be edited. Journals can be edited either before or after they are posted. You must have the appropriate task permissions to use this function: see Security and task permissions for Client Accounting.

This feature is available for online ledgers (Essentials and AccountRight Live).

Only journals that are in the latest active open workpaper period can be edited. This is only applicable to journals created in the Trial Balance/Workpapers view (not within online ledgers). Posted “To Be Reversed” journals cannot be updated.

To edit a journal

To edit journals created in Trial Balance (Workpapers), the journal must be in the latest active open workpaper period. 

  1. Open the workpaper period and, in the TASKS bar Journals section, click View All.

  2. Select the checkbox of the journal entry that you want to edit then click Edit.

  3. Make any required changes to the journal and click OK. The Journals window displays the edited journal entry.

  4. When you have finished editing journals, click Close.

Client Accounting updates the posted journal and creates an audit record with the details of the original journal in the Workpapers database. The following is posted to the ledger:

  • A reversal of the original journal, with the prefix CANCELLED.

  • A new journal with the corrected entries.

MAS, Accounts, AO GL

If journal has been exported as part of finalising steps, you cannot delete or edit without marking the journal as not exported.

If you've imported your journal entries from Workpapers to the underlying ledger, we recommend making journal edits by making an adjustment journal in the workpaper MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger.

Because of duplicate journal entries, we don't recommend updating the status of the journal to Not Exported. If you want to edit the transactions, we recommend adding a new journal with your corrections.

To mark a journal as not exported
  1. On the TASKS bar, click View all. The Journals window appears.
  2. Select the journal and click Mark as not exported.
To edit or delete journals which are not exported
  1. On the TASKS bar, click View all. The Journals window appears.
  2. Select the journal and click Edit or Delete.
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