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Full schedule

The Full Schedule report lists the depreciation details for both Accounting and Taxation purposes for all assets by Asset Control Groups and (Australia) Pools.

This report provides the following information:

  • Asset code: Followed by any applicable indicators (*) as described on the report.

  • Asset description: Description of the Asset.

  • Private use percentage: This displays the Accounting Private Use percentage.

  • Acquisition / disposal date: If integration is for Accounting, then the Accounting Acquisition Date is displayed; otherwise the Taxation Acquisition Date is displayed.


    Disposal Date for assets disposed in the current year is displayed.

  • Original cost: This displays the Accounting Original Cost.

  • Additions or disposals: For an asset disposed in the current year, this column displays the difference between Accounting Original Cost and consideration amount if the assets Accounting Acquisition Date is in the current year, otherwise the consideration amount will be displayed.


  • Opening written down value.

  • Depreciation method.

  • Year-to-date depreciation: displays Accounting depreciation.

  • Closing written down value.


  • Opening adjustable value: displays the Taxation amount in the current year.

  • Decline in value method or effective life: displays the Decline in Value method and effective life or depreciation rate.

  • Year-to-date decline: displays the Taxation depreciation amount.

  • Closing adjustable value.

Pool details (Australia)

  • The details of the pool will be displayed only if one of the balances is not zero. In other words, the details of a specific pool will not be displayed if it is not set up or if all balances are zero.

  • Details of a pool are always shown for the whole of the year.

How to generate a full schedule report
  1. Open the Assets Listing page. See Opening an asset year.
  2. Select Reports > Full schedule on the main menu. The Report Options — Full Schedule window opens.
    The Date range is automatically set to the current asset register year. The end date can be changed if required.
  3. Click OK to generate the report. The Full schedule report is displayed.
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