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Inserting a date in a paragraph

How to insert a date
  1. Access the practice or client’s paragraphs. See Accessing practice paragraphs or Accessing client paragraphs.

  2. Find the paragraph to be edited.

  3. Click to select it.

  4. Click Edit Paragraph. The Edit Paragraph Content window opens.

  5. In the Paragraph Content text area, click to place the cursor at the point where the Date is to be inserted.

  6. Click Date. This is located on the Insert menu. The Date Format window opens.

  7. Select the:
    Date — select the date to be inserted from the drop-down. The available options are:

    • Year Start Date (TY)

    • Year Start Date (LY)

    • Year End Date (TY)

    • Year End Date (LY)

    • Today’s Date - the date on which the report is produced

    • Period Type Start Date (TY)

    • Period Type Start Date (LY)

    • Period Type End Date (TY)

    • Period Type End Date (LY).

    Format — there are a number of pre-configured date formats which can be used. Select an appropriate format on the Format drop-down.

    The Sample text field displays an example of the selected format

  8. Click OK. The Date variable is displayed at the insertion point in the Paragraph Content text area. Use the formatting tools to format the variable as required. See Formatting paragraphs.
  9. Click OK. To save the changes to the paragraph content.
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