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Linking external source documents

If Document Manager is not installed, external files can be linked to the accounts in the period. When linking an external file to an account or period, a link is created between the account/period and the document which is stored on your system. When the document is opened the document stored on your system is opened. When using Delete, the link between the account / period and the document is deleted, not the document itself. See Deleting workpapers and source documents.

You can link an account or period to specific bookmarks within a PDF document. You can also link accounts or periods to different bookmarks within the same PDF document.

If a document link is broken (i.e., by renaming the document or moving it to a different location), an error message is displayed as the original document cannot be found. You must re-link the document.

Workpapers is not a document management system. When linking an external file to an account, a copy of the document is not archived. If the document is moved or deleted from your system it will not be available in Workpapers.

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