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Adding workpapers and source documents

During workpaper preparation, you can attach workpapers and link documents to accounts in the period. This substantiates calculations in workpapers. 

The following types of files can be attached or linked to accounts or to the period:

  • External files — if Document Manager is not installed, external files can be linked on your system to the accounts in the period. Files can be linked to accounts in the period to substantiate the calculations in the workpaper. See Linking external source documents and Opening source documents.

A link points to the file without making a copy. If you delete the link, the document remains in your file system or Document Manager. If you delete, move or rename the document, the link is broken and you have to link the document again.

AccountRight/Essentials common ledger: If you've reconfigured Workpapers to work over your client's common ledger, workpapers and document links may be orphaned to documents that are not account specific. Use the Open and move workpapers (AccountRight/Essentials common ledger) feature to move it to the right account

Add bookmarks to PDFs

One of your options is to link to bookmarks in a PDF. If you want to link to bookmarks, before you continue, we recommend scanning all supporting documents as one PDF with a bookmark linking to each document. You can scan supporting documents to PDF Manager and add bookmarks to the documents.

These steps are for PDF Manager users. If PDF Manager isn't part of your AO/AE suite, you can subscribe to PDF Manager separately or you can use equivalent third-party software.

To add a new bookmark in PDF Manager
  1. Go to Start > Programs > MYOB > PDF Manager.
    PDF Manager (
    ) appears.
  2. Select a document in the Source Documents tab.
  3. Click the Document Mark Up tab. The document is opened in the tab.
  4. Click the Bookmarks tab to the left of the document. The Bookmarks pane appears.
  5. Scroll to the page you want to add a bookmark to.
  6. Right-click the Bookmarks pane and select New from the menu. The new bookmark appears in the Bookmarks pane.
  7. Enter the name for the bookmark.
  8. When finished, click Save. The  Save PDF  window appears.
  9. Browse to the location where you want to save the PDF.
  10. Enter the file name you want to use on the Save As window.
  11. Click Save on the Save As window. The Save As window closes and the Save PDF window reappears.
  12. Click OK.

Document link options

If Document Manager is...You can...Choose to...


Link a Document Manager file to an account or a period. The file must have been created in or imported into Document Manager.


  • Link Document Manager documents to periods

  • Link Document Manager documents to accounts

  • Link Document Manager documents that have references

Not installedLink external documents.
  • Link external documents to periods

  • Link external documents to accounts

  • Link to external documents that have references

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