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Migration results for MYOB AO Classic

The results of migrating your MYOB AO Classic asset register to MYOB Assets Live are listed in the Migration details section of the Assets tab.

As the migration proceeds you will notice that the statistics for the year, control group, locations and assets will be displayed in the migration results table. You can track the results as they are processed in the order listed in the table. As the results are displayed, compare the values in the Source column (data from your MYOB AO Classic asset register) with the Destination column (data that has been migrated to MYOB Assets Live). If the values agree the Status column will display a tick giving you confidence that the migration was successful for that part of the data.

You will notice that you have a discrepancy of 1 between the number of your Source and Destination control groups. This is because, when you migrate a MYOB AO Classic asset register to MYOB Asset Live, a temporary control group is automatically created: non-linked general assets.

This captures all assets that were not originally assigned to a control group in your MYOB AO Classic asset register. Once all the data has been migrated, you should transfer the assets from this temporary control group to control groups that you have created. See Moving an asset to another control group. This temporary control group can then be deleted.

If the original asset register contains any assets without a purchase date, then the asset count in the Destination column of the migration results will be less than the Source. However, no error will be recorded for this.

If asset locations have been migrated, the list of locations can be viewed by accessing MaintenanceAssociations > Locations from the main menu of the Assets Listing page.

If a warning icon is displayed in the migration results table for any data type, view the assets migration log for more details on the error. See Viewing information about the MYOB AO Classic migration. Errors should be corrected before proceeding to use MYOB Assets Live. You can correct errors by, either:

  • delete the asset register that was created in MYOB Assets Live during the migration and return to MYOB AO Classic to correct the errors. Then run the migration again.


  • correct the errors in MYOB Assets Live.

As data is being migration, you may receive an Unknown migration status. This may occur if there is a temporary server disconnection. Please try the migration again after a short period. The connection should be restored.
If the error persists, please contact MYOB Support.

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