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Opening an existing period

To open an existing period
  1. Open the client’s Client Accounting > Trial Balance tab (called the Workpapers tab if you are licensed for Workpapers).

  2. In the Select Period table, select the period to be opened.

  3. For AE/AO Ledgers and Essentials Cashbook ledgers, you can skip this step - go to Step 4. Before you open the period, check if GST Collected and GST Paid have been selected for the period:

    1. Click Define GST accounts on the Tasks bar. The Define GST Accounts dialog opens.

    2. From the dropdown, select the account where amounts will be recorded for:

      • GST Collected

      • GST Paid.

    3. Click OK.

  4. Double-click on the selected period.


    Select the period and click Open period on the TASKS bar.

    The Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table opens in a new window. See About the Prepare Trial Balance Workpapers table for information about how to use this table.

  5. Click OK.

Viewing all workpapers in a period

You can view a list of all workpapers and documents associated with the period. This lets you add, link, open and delete workpapers and documents.

The examples in this help use an AU system. The same information applies for NZ, but you may see or use some different options or details.
To view a list of all workpapers and source documents
  1. Open a period.
  2. On the Tasks bar, click View all workpapers
    A list of all the documents for the period is displayed. The client and period details are displayed at the top of the window.
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