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Previewing accounts

You can display the accounts in the Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table in a tree view to make it easier to preview a financial statement.

The Quantity and Variance columns will not appear in this view.

To preview accounts
  1. Click Preview accounts on the Tasks bar.

    A message displays if you have unallocated accounts. Click Yes to continue.

  2. A window displays showing a tree view of the accounts.
To use the preview accounts tree

The preview accounts tree uses a standard windows folder structure. Each folder corresponds to an account group, and lists the account ranges or individual accounts that have been assigned to that group. Click 

to expand and view the contents of a folder. Click 
to collapse and hide the contents of a folder.

Master account group allocations are marked with a


(Australia) If you have AE/AO Ledger, click on the account to view transactions for the account – see Viewing transactions.

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