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Securing your client's online ledgers

Accountants Enterprise only

In Client Accounting, you can control who accesses a client's online ledger data by applying Team Security to a client. This allows you to control which users can configure and view a client's ledger data in Client Accounting.

When Team Security is applied to clients, contacts or suppliers, only employees who are member of the "team" associated with the client, contact or supplier can view their details. This also extends to configuring and viewing a client's ledger in Client Accounting.

Where Team Security has been applied to a particular client, only members of the "team" can access the client's ledger. Users outside the team will also no longer be able to see the file in the list of ledgers to configure, meaning they won't be able to configure that ledger to any other client (including "new clients" and clients without team security applied) to view the details of the ledger.

For example, when a client, who has the Team Security setting applied is configured with an online AccountRight file in Client Accounting, that AccountRight file will be hidden in the Select Company File window when this window is opened from another client by any employee that is not a member of the responsibility team for the client for which the file is configured.

To apply team security, you'll first need your practice Administrator to enable Client Team Security in your Accountants Enterprise (AE) software and ensure the #Client #ApplyTeamSecurity task permission is enabled for your security group. We'll step you through this setup process, then we'll guide you on how to apply Team Security to a client.

1. Enable Team Security for the practice
  1. Log into AE as an Administrator user and follow the menu path Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration.
  2. In the Configuration tab, click in the first blank row and add the following details:

    Key NameKey ValueComment

  3. Press ENTER on the keyboard to finish adding the new configuration key, then click OK to save your changes.

2. Enable a user to Apply Team Security to clients

Team security can only be set if users have been granted the appropriate task permission to select the Apply Team Security checkbox.

To allow users to apply team security to a client:

  1. Log into AE as an Administrator user and follow the menu path: Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.
  2. From the Product drop-down menu, choose Central.
  3. From the Group drop-down menu, select the security group containing the users you want to be to apply Team Security. For example, you may have a group for "Partners" or "Managers".
  4. Expand the Group Description for Client (xx/29)
  5. For the Task Permission #Client Apply Team Security, select the Allow checkbox.
  6. Click OK to save your changes and close the Maintenance - Task Permissions window.
3. Add users to the Team, then turn on Team Security

When you open a client to apply team security to, you may notice the Apply Team Security checkbox is now available in the Responsibility tab. However, before you select this checkbox you'll need to first add some team members to the Team section.

  1. Open the client you want to apply Team Security to and click on the Responsibility tab.
  2. From the Team section of the Responsibility tab, click in the new record line (i.e. the first blank line) in the Employee column. The cursor appears in the Employee field along with an ellipses (
    ) button.
  3. Click the ellipses (
    ) button to open the Find window and search for an employee.
    1. To search for an employee to add to the team, type any part of the employee name or code and click Search. Alternatively, you can leave the search field blank and just click Search to see all employees.

      To add multiple employees to a team, select the checkbox next to the name of each employee you wish to add.

    2. Select a responsibility type from the Responsibility drop-down menu. If you've selected multiple employees, this role will be applied for all employees selected. You can however, re-assign a role by clicking in the Responsibility column for the Employee, and from the drop-down menu that appears, select a another responsibility type.

  4. Once you've finished adding all your employees to the Team, select Apply Team Security. A tick appears in the Apply Team Security checkbox.

After successfully configuring an online ledger to a client with team security applied, only team members specified in this section will see this ledger in the list of ledgers to configure.

For example, after a client's online AccountRight file has been configured to Client Accounting, only employees specified in the Responsibility tab will be able to reconfigure the client's online AccountRight file to a different client without team security applied. Users who cannot access the secured client will not be able to see the file in the library selection.

If any employees who have File User (or above) access to the client's online AccountRight or Essentials file and they do not belong to the Responsibility team for the client in AE/AO, you will need to remove their access in the AccountRight or Essentials file. However, if you remove an employee from the Responsibility team for the client, AE/AO will remove File User access to the client’s online AccountRight file for the employee. This also occurs if an End Date has been entered for a partner on the client's Responsibility tab, File User access to the company file will also be removed.

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