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Selecting default practice reports

For clients of each entity type, the reports that are available in the report list and their order in the financial statements can be controlled. After configuring the reports for each entity type, the default report settings can be checked using the Preview Reports option. At any stage, the custom report settings can be removed and the Statutory Reporter default settings restored.

For each entity type, the reports that are available for clients of that type can be configured. The reports selected here are listed on the Client Accounting > Reports tab for all clients of that type.

The reports selected for inclusion can also be modified at a client level, if required. See Previewing financial statements.

To select the default practice reports
  1. Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Client Accounting > Practice Report Settings. The Practice Report Settings page opens.
  2. Select the entity type from the Entity Type drop-down.
  3. In the Default Report Selections table configure the settings for each report.
    For each report, the following can be configured:
    1. Period Type — control the reporting period for statements and notes. See Producing periodic reports for more information.

    2. Display in List select or deselect the checkbox to display or hide the report in the list of available reports for all clients of the selected entity type. If the Display List checkbox is selected, a tick is displayed in the checkbox and the report is displayed in the list on the Reports table. By default, all reports are selected.

    3. Select by Default control whether the report will be automatically selected for inclusion. Click the cell to display the drop-down options:

      • Always — the report is always selected for inclusion.

      • Never — the report is never selected for inclusion.

      • If Data Exists — the report is selected for inclusion if data exists for the selected report.

    4. Prevent Override select or deselect the checkbox. If the checkbox is selected, users will not be able to edit the practice configuration for the selected report at a client level. If the checkbox is not selected, users will be able to edit the practice configuration of the selected report at a client level.

  4. Click Save Settings.

  5. Repeat Step 2. to Step 4. to select the default reports for each entity type that applies to the clients in your practice.

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