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Completing workpapers

Workpapers can be made up of:

  • Fields—text can be entered into fields. Fields can also be used to display variable information.

  • Static Text—constant text which cannot be edited and is displayed the same on every workpaper.

  • Formatting elements—formatting elements such as tables and lines which comprise the layout of the workpaper.

To complete the workpaper, click the Edit icon for the field you wish to update, and enter the information.

Workpaper field types


Field Type



This field type displays text entered by you.


This field type displays numbers entered by you.

Account number

This field type displays an account selected from a drop-down list. All accounts that are displayed in the Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table are available on the drop-down. The field may display the account number, the account description or both.

When a valid account is selected, the

icon is displayed.

Some workpapers contain information from linked accounts. You can refresh these values by clicking the

refresh icon.

To link a workpaper value, click the

icon. To unlink a work paper value, click the


The date can be entered or selected from a calendar.

Document link

This field type is used to add a link to a Document Manager file, if Document Manager is installed or an external file, if Document Manager is not installed.


edit icon and
view icon are also available. Clicking the edit icon opens the document for editing (if the user is approved to do so). Clicking the view icon opens the document for viewing.

 If Document Manager is not installed, only the view icon is available.


This field type displays variable information. This includes information such as the balance of a selected account, a calculated amount or dates - period start, period end. Automatic fields cannot be edited.

Account Group Amounts
These values are generated from Statutory Reporter group ranges (which are essentially summed amounts). You can overwrite these values as necessary.
If you wish to revert to the original value, you can click the
revert icon, which appears next to the value after it has been edited.
To complete the workpaper
  1. Open the workpapers period. See Opening an existing period. The Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table is displayed.
  2. Open a workpaper. See Opening workpapers. The specific workpaper window opens.
  3. Enter information in the workpaper. A description of how to enter the information:
    • Enter text—click the text field. Type text into the field.

    • Enter a number—click the number field. Type a number into the field.

    • Select an account—click the field, click the

       icon and select the account from the drop-down list. If an account has already been selected, the
      icon is displayed.

    • Select a date—click the field, enter the date or select the date from the drop-down calendar.

    • Add a row to a table—click to place the cursor in a row. Click 

      to insert a row above the selected row.

    • Delete a row from a table—click to place the cursor in the row to be deleted. Click 

      to delete the row.

    • Shift rows up and down a table—click to place the cursor in the row to be moved. Click the 

      arrows to the left of the row to shift the row up and down the table.

    • Add comments—see Comments in workpapers.

    • Link a document or web page—see Linking to documents or web pages in workpapers.

    • Linked accounts—Some workpapers contain information from linked accounts. You can refresh these values by clicking the 

      refresh icon. To link a workpaper value, click the 
      icon. To unlink a work paper value, click the 

      If there are account codes highlighted in red, this means that the account code has been modified or removed outside of Client Accounting. This only appears in workpapers that are in progress.
      After the account code in the workpaper is updated to the matching code, the red highlighting is removed.

  4. Click Save. Changes are saved and the Trial Balance (Workpapers) window remains open.


    Click OK. The window closes, and any changes made will be saved.


    Click Cancel. The window closes.

    If you have made any changes you will be prompted to save the changes before the window closes.
    If you have Document Manager, and you checked out PDF documents in this workpaper by clicking the Edit button, a warning message will display asking if you want to check in these saved PDF documents when you close the workpaper. Clicking Yes will check in all PDF documents. Clicking No will require you to check in these documents manually. These documents can be checked in manually using the Document Manager icon in the system tray. See Accessing Document Manager from the system tray.

    If multiple accounts in the workpaper are selected and if the workpaper is configured to link to all referenced accounts, the workpaper will be displayed against all accounts it references in the Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table. An 

    at the beginning of the workpaper sub-row indicates that the workpaper is a linked workpaper. The account that the workpaper is actually attached to is indicated in square brackets - [1-1000 account name] - after the workpaper name. A
    icon identifies a workpaper.

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