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Lodgement history

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 31 March 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 31 March 2024. Learn what this means for you

The Lodgement History tab in the Lodgement module lists all batches (groups of forms) that have been transmitted to ASIC from the Forms lodgement screen.

These forms are also listed on the Working with ASIC forms screen within the Corporations module, and on the Agents' ASIC form histories screen in the Agents module.

This screen displays batches of forms in a table with the following columns:

Batch numberA number generated automatically when the forms are sent to ASIC.
Batched dateWhen the forms were batched for lodgement on the Forms Lodgement screen.
Lodgement Date

When the batch was sent to ASIC.

AgentAgent for whom the batch is created.
Number of FormsTotal forms included in the batch.
ASIC Transmission NumberThe number ASIC has assigned to the batch transmitted to them.

The Status of the batch:

  • Not transmitted: not sent.

  • Transmitted – acknowledged: sent, and ASIC transmission report received.

  • Processed – (n) accepted, (n) rejected: sent, ASIC validation report received, and one or more forms in batch accepted/rejected.

  • Transmitted unacknowledged: sent, but ASIC transmission report not received.

To view batches of forms sent to ASIC
  1. From within Corporate Compliance, click Lodgement on the Task bar. The Lodgement screen opens.
  2. Click the Lodgement History tab. The list of batches of forms lodged previously with ASIC displays.
    From this screen you can perform the following functions from the Task Bar:
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