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Accessing Document Manager from the system tray

The system tray (or notification area) on Windows systems is part of the Tasks bar and it contains the clock and other programs which are running in the background. Placing the Document Manager icon

in the system tray makes it available for you to use at any time. The icon can be added for all staff members when Document Manager is first installed or it can be added later by each individual.

This system tray task provides access to Document Manager for staff members who are not logged into MYOB AE/AO. It enables you to add or find documents quickly without having to login.

When you click

in the system tray, it opens a menu containing:

  • A list of Add Document types as configured for your practice’s Document Manager system. You can click an appropriate link to Creating new documents from here

  • A Find Documents link to find and open any document in your Document Manager system. It will only find and open the documents that you are allowed to access.

  • A My Checked Out Documents page link that opens the “My Checked out documents” window without needing to launch the application.

The following features are not available in this version of My Checked Out Documents, and can only be accessed in MYOB AE/AO: Author name links, Contact links, and the To Do and Versions options in the right-click menu.

  • A Login as link which allows you to log in as another user. By default, the login of the last user of MYOB AE/AO on the workstation is used.

  • An Exit button, which when clicked closes the Document Manager system tray feature (until you next start the workstation or manually add the icon to your system tray).

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