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Adding an electronic signature to letters

When creating letters using standard and stationery documents, you may want to add an electronic signature to these letters. This is done by creating a new document, inserting the signature into the footer and then importing the document into MYOB Intranet and using that as stationery.


To insert and use an electronic signature
  1. Scan and save the electronic signature to your desktop.
  2. Open Microsoft Word and create a new Word document.
  3. Open the footer section of the Word document.
  4. Copy the signature file and paste it in the footer section of the Word document.
  5. Save the Word document to your desktop.
  6. In MYOB click the Intranet icon.
  7. Click the Administration link.
  8. Import the Word Document containing the electronic signature into MYOB Intranet. See Importing items.
  9. Modify the properties of the document and ensure that it is marked as a Stationery document. See Document properties.

Now when this stationery document is selected to create letters, the electronic signature will appear in the letter.

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