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Confirming the document migration

This help topic describes how to confirm the document migration.


To confirm the document migration
  1. Open the Document Migration Wizard. See Using the Document Migration Wizard.

  2. Ensure that you have completed Specifying filing cabinet extra fields and previous sections.

  3. Ensure that you are on the Document migration confirmation page.

  4. Read through the selections and correct any errors, if necessary. To correct any errors, use the Back button to go back to the appropriate screen and make changes.

  5. Click Next. A MYOB Document Manager confirmation message is displayed requesting that you to confirm the migration settings.

  6. Click Yes. The Document Migration in progress window opens.
    When the migration is complete, the MYOB Document Manager dialog opens.

  7. Click OK. The MYOB Document Manager dialog closes and you are returned to the Document Migration in progress window.

  8. Click the Close button to exit the tool.

  9. Click the Report button to generate and view the Migration report. A MYOB Document Manager message is displayed requesting your permissions to generate an Exception List in the report.

  10. Click Yes. The migration report is displayed as a text file in Notepad. Close the migration report when you are finished reading it, or you can print it.

  11. Click Close. You are returned to the Document Migration in progress window.

  12. Click Close. The Document Migration in progress window is closed. You are returned to the Document Migration Wizard.

  13. Click Finish. The Document Migration Wizard is closed.

  14. Re-start the server where the DM MSDE/SQL database is located.

  15. Re-index the documents. This will enable the documents to be available in Document Manager searches. Select StartProgramsMYOB > Document Manager Indexing.

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