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Mail Centre page

The Mail Centre page enables you to view outgoing correspondence whether it has already been sent, needs to be sent or is awaiting postage, depending on which option the window is displaying.

The Mail Centre streamlines the processes required for handling outgoing mail, by making it easy for staff to prepare and dispatch the physical and electronic mail for your practice.

The Mail Centre is used to control the mailing process after a document is approved (AE) or complete (AO), and prior to it being sent. It replaces the Mail Register that is often kept at reception, and enables your practice to keep track of every document that has been sent out to clients for a specific period.

For example, once a mail merge has been completed, the documents awaiting dispatch are transferred to the Mail Centre, which allows users to print envelopes and labels for the desired mail, individually or in bulk.

To access the Mail Centre page, click the downward arrow on the Documents 

button on the toolbar. Select Mail Centre from the drop-down menu options.

The different Mail Centre options can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere in the tab and selecting the option from the right-click menu.

(AE) You can view more than one option by adding several copies of the view option to the homepage and choosing a different view for each copy.

Available Mail Centre options

All Sent Documents

This view displays documents that have already been sent.

The Sent date From and To fields can be used to filter the list. 

All Unsent Documents

This view displays documents that require sending, but have yet to be sent. The Created date From and To fields can be used to filter the list.

Awaiting Dispatch

This view displays approved and completed documents that have been marked to be sent via post, but have not yet been posted.


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