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Workflow overview

There are 3 main stages involved in using Document Manager:

Document creation or capture

You can create a document from:

  • MYOB Intranet using the relevant standard document

  • Client, Contact, Assignment (AE) or Employee pages

  • Find Documents page

  • Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint.

You can scan a document and input it into a watch-folder of PDF Manager. The document can then be converted to PDF ready to profile and save in Document Manager.

Profiling and saving

The way in which a document is profiled determines how it can be searched and accessed in the future. It is important that profiling is done in an effective manner.

Profiling is completed as part of the Creating new documents. The wizard enables you to select the contact against whom the document will be saved if this has not already been selected.

The Create Document Wizard also enables you to select a Filing Cabinet in which to store the document. Relevant document security can also be enabled for specific documents.

Managing and controlling

Once a document is saved it can be retrieved at any time by employees with the relevant security access. In addition, the document can be managed and controlled in a number of ways.

Document Manager enables your practice to make use of:

  • document status

  • document versioning

  • document check in/out

  • importing and exporting of documents

  • task management using ‘To Dos’ (AE)

  • linking documents

  • bulk mail merge

  • bulk emails

  • printing

  • maintaining document audit trails.








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