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Accessing MYOB Intranet

MYOB Intranet is used in the same way regardless of how it is accessed.

You can access MYOB Intranet from any of the following:

Microsoft Outlook

Depending on the installation options selected, MYOB Intranet can be the default view when opening Microsoft Outlook.

To easily re-display the MYOB Intranet window at any time from Microsoft Outlook, click the MYOB Intranet button in the toolbar at the top of the Outlook window. This toolbar is also available when using the other functions in Microsoft Outlook, such as Mail, Calendar, etc.

If the MYOB Intranet button is not displayed at the top of your Outlook window, see MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar for information on how to display this.

To exit MYOB Intranet, close the Microsoft Outlook window or select File > Exit.

Network Login

When you first access MYOB Intranet, the system checks whether you have been configured as a team member. Your network login is used as the identifier. If you have not been configured as a team member, you will be automatically set up using your network login as your user name.


If you are using MYOB Intranet with MYOB AE/AO, click the drop-down arrow on the Document icon on the toolbar, then select Intranet.

Accessing from the other applications

The MYOB Intranet home page is an HTML page. To access MYOB Intranet from Microsoft Internet Explorer or MYOB AO Classic, you have to set MYOB Intranet as your homepage in these applications.

You will need to include the correct location (e.g., res://C:\Program%20Files\MYOB\Intranet\MYOBToday.dll/home.htm). Check with your MYOB Intranet administrator if you need help with the location or with how to set a home page in the application itself.

Start menu

The MYOB Intranet home page is an HTML page. To access MYOB Intranet from the Start menu navigate to Start > Programs > MYOB > MYOB Intranet.

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