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Advanced search

Advanced Search allows you to search for text within the content of the MYOB Intranet items in the same way as the Searching. In addition, it allows various filters to be applied, such a specific Categories or Document Types. For example, this allows you to search for the text only within documents that have been marked as Letters or only within the Checklists category.

Search for more than one word

If you enter more than one word, the search uses all the entered words applying the AND condition. For example, if “year end” is the search text, content is searched that contains both the word “year” AND the word “end”. The search results will contain items that contain “Year End”, “End of Year”, “At the end of every month for the first year only” etc.

You can enter the search text to find either or any of the words you enter by using the OR condition. For example, if you enter “bank OR statement”, this will search for content that contains either the word “bank” OR the word “statement”.

The search will also find variants of words, for example, if you search for “statement” it will also find “statements”.

Clicking Advanced Search displays a separate window with the various filters that are available. Select one or more of the options. A number of filters can be selected, as required.

Title, description and keywords search

The Title, Description and Keyword is the text that displays in the Item View. An item will always have a Title.

Description and Keywords are optional when the item is added to MYOB Intranet. See Item view.

Full text search

A Full Text search is the default filter. The Advanced Search will search through the full text content of all the available items.

Categories search

Select All Categories or select one or more specific Categories. Where there are sub-categories, click the expand button (the + sign) to display these and select any that are required.

Document types search

When an item is added to MYOB Intranet, it can be allocated a specific Document Type. These can be used as filters in the Advanced Search. Select the All Document Types option or select one or more specific types.

Starting the search

Click Search. The Search Results display the items that have been found. This is the same as the Search feature. An item can be opened in the same way as from any other view.

Resetting the search

If a typing error is made when entering the search criteria in the Search Text field or the search criteria has changed:

  1. Click the Reset button.This will clear the Search Text field.
  2. Re-enter the appropriate search criteria.
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