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Item view

When you select a category to which items have been added, the items display in the Item View. Results are displayed in alphabetic order based on the title.

There can be a variety of items within a category. For example, it can contain documents (i.e., letters, spreadsheets, checklists, presentations) and also web links. The way in which the items are used will depend on what has been set up for your own business. For example, a News Category could contain documents or it could contain a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with photographs from a company event or it could contain a list of web links.

The number of items in the view displays in the top right-hand corner of the view.

Item information

For each item, the following information is displayed. This information is configured by your MYOB Intranet administrator when items are added to MYOB Intranet.


Item information



A brief title of the item.


A brief description of the item.


Name of the person or organisation from where the item originated. As well as MYOB Intranet staff members, this can also be organisations such as the tax office, MYOB or Bentleys.

The date and time it was added to MYOB Intranet or last updated is also shown.


Any keywords used to further identify the item. These are used in Searching and Advanced search.

Application icon

An icon displays next to the Title to show the associated application. The following are examples of the icons you may see. These may display differently depending on the version of the application you have installed.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Internet Explorer - web link
Microsoft Internet Explorer — web link

New icon

You will see the New

New Item icon
 icon next to any items that you have not yet opened. Once you have opened the item, the icon no longer displays.

Editable icon

An item will normally open as ‘Read Only’ so you cannot overwrite the original file. If it is editable, an Editable

Editable icon
 icon displays in the Item View. See Opening an item.

Open Document, Add to Favourites

The following options available when you right-click an item on the Item View:

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