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The panel on the left-hand side contains the categories. Categories determine the sections and the structure of the content that displays in the Administration left-hand panel.

As well as the names of the categories, the sequence in which the categories are displayed in the MYOB Intranet Administration window determines the sequence in which team members see them. Sub-categories can be added to further group the items and create an information hierarchy.

Each folder icon in the MYOB Intranet Administration window left-hand panel is a category in the MYOB Intranet left-hand menu.

Categories can be added, edited (by displaying the properties) and deleted. The sequence and hierarchy in which categories display can also be changed.

When a category is added or edited, the Edit Category window opens with the category‚Äôs properties:


The Title is the category description that team members see in the MYOB Intranet left-hand menu. The categories Title is limited to a maximum of 30 characters.

Roles tab

Using the Roles tab, you can select the team members grouped within a role who will have access to the items and any sub-categories within the category. The roles are configured using the Roles function. The staff members are set up in the Team members function.

For a new category, this is initially set with All roles selected. To limit access to specific roles, select the relevant role(s) that have access to certain items held in the category.

You can also set which categories are accessible for a role from the role function itself. See Roles.

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