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Administration left-hand panel

The left-hand panel of the MYOB Intranet Administration window contains the categories and any other views that display the content.


The Categories are the groupings that staff members see in their Left-hand menu in MYOB Intranet. In the MYOB Intranet Administration window, each category is displayed as a yellow folder icon. Where a category has sub-categories, click the expand button (the + sign) to display the sub-categories.

Clicking a category selects it and displays its content items in the Administration item view on the right-hand side.

Additional views

At the bottom of the MYOB Intranet Administration window left-hand panel, there are options for some additional views.




Document Types

The Document Types view displays published items grouped by the Document Type that has been selected for the item. A Document Type can be optionally selected for an item in the Document properties to further categorise items.

Document Types can be configured as required for your own business from Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO)Document Manager Setup > Document Types tab.

Staff members can filter by Document Types in the Administration item view.


An item can be assigned a status of:

  • Published

  • Draft

  • Deleted.

See Document properties.

The Status view lists all the MYOB Intranet content based on its status. For example, from this view you can easily display the Properties for an item that is in ‘Draft’ and change this to ‘Published’ so that it is available to users. When an item has a status of ‘Published’, it also displays under its relevant category (or categories) in the MYOB Intranet Administration left-hand panel.

For a walkthrough of document status and document properties, see our Self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration. (You'll need audio enabled to hear the walkthrough narration.)

No Category Assigned

If any items have not been assigned to a category (either when imported or adding as a New Item), they can be listed and accessed from the No Category Assigned view. Items can be moved to the correct category by right-clicking the item and using Copy Document, with the Document Properties check or using drag and drop. See Moving or adding an item to a different category.


Stationery documents contain layout and formatting information that can be applied to Microsoft Word documents. When a document is marked as Stationery, staff members will see it in the Stationery drop-down list when creating documents using Document Manager. It can then be used in combination with the merge document to provide layout features such as headers, footers, fonts, etc.

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