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Items can be added to your Favourites so that you can easily access them at any time. For example, this can be used for frequently accessed documents.

To add a favourite

We've also prepared a Self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration – click the link to learn more. (You'll need audio enabled to hear the walk-through narration.)

  1. Locate and select an item. See Locating and selecting an item in Procedure overview
  2. Place your mouse over the item and click

    (the Add to Favourites icon) on the right-hand side of the item details.
    Select Add to Favourites from the right-click menu.
    A message is displayed informing you that the selected item has been added to your Favourites list.

To display your favourites

Favourites can be displayed either by:

The Favourites view is displayed with the items that have been added by you.

To remove a favourite

 An item can be removed from your Favourites list when it is no longer a favourite. This only removes it from your own Favourites view and does not delete / remove the item from MYOB Intranet.

  1. Display the Favourites view.

  2. Select the item that is to be removed from your Favourites list.

  3. Select Remove from Favourites from the right-click menu.

The selected item is no longer displayed in your Favourites list.

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