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Procedure overview

Locating and selecting an item

There are a variety of ways to locate an item. Each of these methods will display the view with a list of the relevant documents, spreadsheets, presentations, web links, etc.

  • The Left-hand menu contains all the categories and items that can be accessed. It displays the items that have been configured by your MYOB Intranet administrator. Click a category to display its sub-categories or to display the items it contains.

  • Use the Searching field in the navigation bar or the toolbar to find specific items. Click the magnifying glass button to display the items found in the Search Results. Click an item in the Search Results to open it.

  • The Advanced search in the navigation bar offers various other filters to help you search for items. An item can then be opened from the Search Results.

  • Clicking the Favourites button in the MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar or Favourites in the MYOB Intranet buttons, displays the Favourites view with the items that have been added as your favourites.

  • The MYOB Intranet buttons enable easy access to special views of the content.

  • Recently Used displays a view with the 20 most recently used documents.

  • What's New button displays a the items that have not yet been opened.

All of these methods display the relevant item(s) in the Item view.

Adding and opening a favourite
  1. Locate and select an item. See Locating and selecting an item.

  2. Select Add to Favourites from the right-click menu. A message displays ‘Document added to your favourites’. See Favourites.

You can also easily access the document from the Favourites button in the MYOB Intranet buttons or with the Favourites MYOB Intranet buttons.

Displaying and using the team list
  1. Click the Team button that is part of the MYOB Intranet buttons. The Team List displays.

This shows the phone and mobile numbers of all users that have been configured for MYOB Intranet. See Team lists.

From the Team List, you can use Search to locate a team member. You can also select a name to send an email to that person.

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