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Left-hand menu

The menu on the left-hand side of the MYOB Intranet window lists categories. These group and categorise the information and enable access to the content in MYOB Intranet. The types of categories that are shown, the order in which they display in the menu and the content can be customised for your own business.

An item can be made available to any number of categories so it may appear in more than one category:

Multi-level categories

Any category can have more than one level. This allows the items to be grouped into sub-categories. Where there is another level, you will see an arrow adjacent to the category name. Place your cursor on a category to display its sub-categories.

Items can be held at any of the levels in the categories. When you click a category at any level, the items held in that category display in the Item view to the right of the left-hand menu.

There can be any mix of items within a category. For example, a category may contain a mix of letters, spreadsheets, checklists, presentations as well as web links. Alternatively, and depending on how the structure has been set up for your own business, you may access specific types of documents from specific categories. For example, you may access letters from a category named Letters, checklists from the Checklists category, etc.

Security in categories

Security can be applied to categories to restrict access to certain team members. This means that you only see those categories for which you have access. This can be based on the role you have been assigned within MYOB Intranet. You may also see a By Role category that contains items categorised by who has access to them. This enables staff members to see the content that is relevant to the roles that have been defined by your MYOB Intranet administrator.

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