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New items

Documents and other items are the content of MYOB Intranet. Any type of file can be included in MYOB Intranet, e.g., word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, etc. and web links.

A new item can be added to MYOB Intranet in one of three ways:

  • Creating it from an existing item - this option enables you to add an item to MYOB Intranet that has been created in a different application. This in effect allows you to import a single file.

  • Creating a new document - enables you to create a Microsoft Word document directly from MYOB Intranet. The file name and location are automatically assigned.
    We've prepared a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration on creating and saving documents. Click the link to learn more. (You'll need audio enabled to hear the walkthrough narration.)

  • Creating a web link - enables you to configure items as web links. These can be used to link to common web sites used by your business. You may decide to configure a specific category for web links or they can be included in categories with other items.

Assigning an item to a category

When you add an item to MYOB Intranet you assign it to one or more categories. The categories are the sections from which users access the items in the MYOB Intranet left-hand menu. Before adding a new item, decide where it will be held in the category hierarchy.

If you have not assigned a category to an item, it will not be available to users and it displays in MYOB Intranet Administration window, No Category Assigned view in the panel on the left-hand side.

Status of new items

New items are automatically assigned a status of Published.

Making changes

Items can be added, edited and deleted. You edit items or set the status to Draft with Document properties. You can also use Document Properties to change the category in which an item displays

Including bookmarks in merge and stationery documents

If you are using Create from Existing or Create New Document to add a new item that will be used to merge information you will need to ensure the specific bookmarks used by MYOB Intranet are included. See Bookmarks.

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