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Explorer bar

The Explorer Bar is located to the left of the window, under the Main menu.

It includes a number of components, some of which are only visible when there are documents in the Source Documents tab. The Recycle bin tasks component is visible only when the Recycle Bin tab is selected.

The available components of the Explorer Bar are:

Manager Tasks




Select/De-select all documents

Selects or de-selects the checkboxes beside all documents in the list. See Document Tasks below for the method used for selecting/de-selecting individual documents.

Show/Hide PDF preview bar

Shows and hides the PDF Preview Bar.


Opens the Options window to enable you to set the preview quality, scan quality, how to save to your MYOB applications, your watchfolder and to select your current settings as a template. See the Tools menu for details of the available options.

Import document

Launches the Windows Open window so you can select and import existing PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Get documents from Watchfolder

Retrieves any documents from your Watchfolder.

Scan document

Launches your document scanner.

Document Tasks

The Document Tasks component allows you to select and de-select pages in the selected document, and delete pages from the selected document.

Document Tasks are only available when a document is in the Source Documents tab.

PDF Tasks

The PDF Tasks component allows you to save the selected pages as a PDF, save to your practice management system, print selected pages and preview selected pages as PDFs.

PDF Tasks are only available when pages are selected in the Source Documents tab.


The Details component displays the name, total original pages and the date and time it was created. If the document is printed using the PDF Manager printer, the print date and time appear.

Details are only available when a document is in the Source Documents tab.

Recycle Bin Tasks

The Recycle Bin Tasks component is only available when the Recycle Bin tab is selected.

The Recycle Bin Tasks component enables you to:

  • delete the selected document.

  • empty the Recycle Bin of all the listed documents.

  • restore the selected document to the Source Documents tab.

  • preview the selected document in your PDF Viewer (for example, Adobe Reader).



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