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Adding/entering extra list information on a client

Once you have created new extra lists or added new values, you will need to update your database.

The procedure for entering extra field and extra list information is the same for contacts, clients, (AE) suppliers, (AE) assignments and employees. The Extra tab on each of these pages is used to do this.

  • Extra lists are used mainly as sort criteria for reporting.
  • (AE) You can enter extra information as part of the setup when using the Create or Add New wizard for contacts, clients, suppliers or employees.
  • You can sort, group or filter the fields to control the entries displayed in the table. See Organising your data.
  • Mandatory items are shown in red text. You need to select a value for these items before you can proceed.


The Field Type column displays whether the information on the row is an extra field or list.

 indicates an extra list; where you select a value from a picklist.

Entering extra list information on a client, contact, supplier, assignment or employee
  1. Find and open the contact, client, (AE) supplier, (AE) assignment or employee.

  2. Click the Extra tab. The tab displays all the extra fields and lists that have been defined for use for the selected record.

  3. Click the Value column against the item you want to enter a value for. For an extra list, select the required value from the drop-down.

  4. Click another area of the list or press [Enter] to save the entry.

  5. Click OK to save the information and close the page.

New extra fields and categories are created in MaintenanceMaintenance Map > User defined > Extra Fields, Extra Lists or Extra Types. If you require new extra fields or categories to be available, ask your system administrator to set them up for you.



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