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Adding reports in sets

Report sets enable you to build groups of reports which you want to run at the same time.

Your report favourites can be added, moved and removed from sets. This enables you to create and adapt sets of reports which can be run in any order you want.

To add a report to a set
  1. Select Reports > Favourites on the toolbar.
  2. Click the Report Set that the report is to be added to.
    For example, Tax.
  3. Click Add report to set from the TASKS bar. The Add Report to Report Set window opens, defaulting to the Report Group and Report Set selected above.
  4. Click the ellipse button to locate the Report to be added. The Report List window opens.
  5. Select the required report.
  6. Click OK. The Report List window closes.
  7. Click OK.
    The Add Report to Report Set window closes. The report is added to the report set.
To add a report to a set from the Reports list
  1. Click Reports on the toolbar. The Pick a Reporting Area tab opens (if you have no other Report windows open).
  2. Select the required report from the report area and sub-area:
    1. Locate the report area on the TASKS bar (e.g., Client).
    2. Click the sub-area on the TASKS bar (e.g., Client list). All of the available reports are listed.
    3. Click the report required in the list
  3. Click Add to favourites on the TASKS bar. Or
    Right-click and select Add to favourites. The Add Report to Report Set window opens.
  4. Select the Report Group. Either My Favourites or Practice Favourites.
  5. Select the Report Set from the drop-down list.
    For example, General.
  6. Click OK.The report is added to the report set
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