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Report favourites

You can save reports that you run frequently in a Favourites list, making it quicker to run them on future occasions. Once a report has been added as a favourite you can access it directly from the Report Favourites page.

To add a report to Favourites
  1. In the toolbar, click Reports.
  2. Expand
    the reporting categories to locate the specific area your report was created under.
  3. Highlight the report, right-click and select Add to Favourites.
  4. In the Add Report to Report Set window, select either My Favourites or Practice Favourites.
  5. Select the Report Set name to save the report in.
  6. Click OK.
To open the Report Favorites page
Select Reports > Favourites on the toolbar. The Report Favourites page opens listing the report favourites.

Report groups

There are two report groups, which are fixed and can neither be dragged off the screen nor down a level.:

  • The My Favourites group displays your personal report set. Each user can maintain their own reporting set favourites. This report group is visible only to you.

  • The Practice Favourites Report Sets are available to all users in the practice, but can only be modified by users with the appropriate security access.

Any modifications made to My Favourites is only visible to the individual user.
Any modifications made to the Practice Favourites Report sets is available to all users within the practice.

To expand a level click

To collapse a level click

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