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Adding totals to reports

Totals can be added at either the group level or the report level. They are then displayed after each group of data and/or at the end of the report. For example, if you choose to group data by Partner, you can insert a total (Sum, Count, Average, Minimum or Maximum) after each Partner’s data. Additionally, you can insert a total for all partners at the end of the report.

Page totals can also be included in the Page Footers.

To add totals to a report
  1. Open the Change Report page. See Opening the Change Report page. The Change Report page opens on the Run Report Settings tab.
  2. Click the Report fields and formatting tab. The Change Report Fields message is displayed.
  3. Click No if you have already customised this report using Report Designer and need to keep those changes. You must continue to use Report Designer to make changes or all formatting will be lost.
    Click Yes to continue.
    The available fields for this report type are listed, ready for selection and formatting.
  4. Click the Show selected report fields and formatting checkbox. All settings for the fields used in this report are displayed.
  5. In the field listing, click the Total column of the row to which you want to add totals.
  6. Click the drop-down to list all the options. The Options window opens.
  7. Click the Sum checkbox for both the Report and the Group.This totals the column and the entire report.
  8. Click OK. The Options window closes. The field table is updated with Totals
    to indicate that totals are defined for that field. The Save Report Layoutwindow opens.
  9. Ensure that the Save as new report option is selected and edit the suggested Title if necessary.
  10. Click OK to save the design and close the Change Report page.
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