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Address precedence

In this stage of creating a mail merge, you select the address types to be used and their order of use.

The system defaults to your primary address type which is usually Postal. This can be changed, if required, by selecting another available address which will become the first address in the list. This means that the system will use this address first. If this address does not exist for the client, then the system default address will be used, e.g. Postal.

You cannot remove the system default address.

You can add several address types to the Address list and the first address found for each client will be used.

To select address types
  1.  Select the address type required for the letters or labels in the Available panel.
  2. Click
     to move the address type to the Selected panel. The default, Postal, is used for any contact that may not have another type of address selected as their mailing address. If a number of Available address types are Selected they can be ordered in the list using the up and down arrows.
  3. Click Next. The Mail Merge Wizard — Select the contact precedence window opens for you to select the Contact Precedence. Proceed to Contact precedence.








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