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Contact precedence

In this stage of creating a mail merge, you select the associated contact type to be used and the sequence. You can choose to send the Word document or email to a person at the company by using the contact precedence.

For example, to send a letter or email to a person at the company that has an association type of ‘has Mailing Contact’ or ‘has Director’, the system will address the letter or email to each contact that has this role (i.e., multiple letters or emails will be sent).

The system defaults to using the Main contact, who is the client selected from the Find Clients list. If you are not using mailing contact under Associations, leave the value as default and click Next to continue.

You can add several association types to the Contact list and the first association type found for each client will be used.

If no contacts are found with any of the selected association types, then the letter or email will be sent to the Main contact.

If you have selected an association at this Contact precedence stage, then the following merge fields are to be taken from the associated contact and not the main selected client:


To select contact types
  1. Select the contact precedence required as the addressee from the Available panel.
  2. Click

     to move the contact type to the Selected panel.
    The contact types available for selection are those defined as Relationship Types in the system, for example ‘Has director…’ or ‘Has wife…’
    If a number of Available contact precedence types are Selected they can be ordered in the list using the up and down arrows.

    The default Main is used for any contact that may not have a specific contact precedence selected.
    The typical value used here is “has Mailing Contact”, where the system will address the letter to a person at the company.

  3. Click Next. The Mail Merge Wizard — Document filing options window opens ready for you to select how you want the documents printed.

  4. Proceed to Document options.












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