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Adjusting periodic time

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

You can edit entries in a periodic timesheet if:

  • it has not been posted. That is, the timesheet is still in Draft status not Submitted.

  • the time processing period has not been closed (or expired).

  • you have access permissions to do so.

If it has been posted, see Editing or correcting posted timesheets in MYOB AE for information.

To adjust entries in daily or periodic timesheets
  1. Open the timesheet that you want to edit. See Opening existing timesheets.

  2. Adjust the information in the columns on the timesheet as required.

  3. Click OK. The information in the timesheet is updated and the timesheet is saved in Draft status. The Timesheet Entry page closes.


  4. Click Post Now. Once all adjustments have been made the timesheet can be submitted.



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