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Recording periodic time

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Time is entered directly into the Periodic timesheet. You can create a timesheet from the toolbar or from the Employee page. If you have the authority, you can also create a timesheet on behalf of another employee by opening their Employee page.

You should enter the amount of time spent progressively as you complete each task.

You can choose to display a timesheet in a Periodic, Daily or Calendar entry view so that you can record your time in that view. See Changing timesheet data entry modes.

If there is no more time to record, advance the timesheet in the process using the Post Now button so that the time is reviewed and subsequently authorised.

See Daily timesheet fields and Periodic timesheet fields and for more information when using Daily or Periodic timesheets.

Click this link to launch a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration. (Adobe Flash player required.)

To record periodic time
  1. Select Periodic Entry mode in the Timesheet User Settings window. See Changing timesheet data entry modes and Timesheet User Settings/System Settings.

  2. Create or open a timesheet. See Creating new timesheets or Opening existing timesheets, as appropriate. The Timesheet Entry page opens in Periodic mode.

  3. Select the Time Period, if required.

  4. Select the TimeUnit appropriate to the task.

  5. Select the Client from the first blank cell drop-down on the Client/Assignment column.

  6. Press [Tab] to automatically display information in the A/Code and C/R columns or click within the a cell.

  7. Select the Task from the drop-down.

  8. Enter the number of time units spent on the task in the appropriate Day Date column.

  9. Press [Enter] or [Tab] to move to the next Day Date column to record other time units. The amount in the Total column is calculated from the time units in the Day Date columns.

  10. Enter supporting information about the task in the Comments column.

  11. Press [Enter] until the cursor is in a blank line immediately below the table headings. This adds the entry to the table and create a new line for more entries.

  12. To record more times, repeat step 5 to 11.


    Click OK if finished.

  13. If there are:

    • more entries to add later, click OK. The information in the timesheet is saved in Draft status without posting it. You can add time during the day as you complete tasks. Click OK between each addition until you Post Now at the end of the day or week. Your draft timesheet is added to your Employee page > Timesheets tab. The Timesheet Entry page closes.

    • no more entries to add, click Post Now. The information in the timesheet is saved in Submitted status. Your submitted timesheet is added to your Employee page > Timesheets tab. The Timesheet Entry page closes.

    If you cannot see all days expected in the periodic entry mode, use the bottom scroll bar to scroll right until the missing days are revealed. You can also move the Day, Total and Comments columns by dragging their headings to another position.

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